VELA VRLA battery is mainly composed by the standard battery series. As for standard battery series,  we have 3 types, FP type, CFP type and LFP type.LFP series AGM battery including the voltage of 6V,8v and 12V, the capacity is from 33Ah to 400AH . the LFP series are widely used as solar power system, wind power systems, telecommunication equipments,marine equipment and uninterruptible power supplies. VELA VRLA battery LFP series uses an absorbed electrolyte syestem. all of the electrolyte is absorbed into the positive plates, negative plates, and the separators.Coupled with the use of special sealing epoxies, and long sealing paths for posts, VELA VRLA batteries have exceptional leak resistance, low self-discharge,long service life,  the batteries are 100% tested on production line for voltage,capacity, seals and the safety valve are 100% visually inspected before the final assembly process.

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