U1 30Ah Battery

Lawn mower battery with extreme startup ability and high capacity is designed for lawn mower, vibration proof is good, absolutely maintenance free and has long service life . Keep your mower or tractor running with the VELA Lawn and Garden Battery, Group Size U1-7. With 300 cold cranking amps, it offers reliability for getting equipment started. This battery has top post terminals for easy hook-up and installation and is compatible with a range of lawn care vehicle models. With normal use and conditions this lawn mower battery delivers long-lasting  and maintenance-free performance.Typical applications are Garden Tractors, Lawn Tractors, Riding Movers, Rear Engine Riders, Small Engine, etc.


Calcium maintenance free design

Flush cover batteries replace original equipment batteries,

Envelope separators provide superior cranking capacity.

More than 250 quality control checks guarantee the highest quality.

Plenty of cranking amps across the roughest terrain.

Product advantage
  1. 1.Low self-discharge

--gas-free, leak-proof and tilt-proof

  1. 2.High cycle stability

--The VELA U1 battery is complete closed and gassing-free.

which the VELA battery makes perfect for you

3.High starting power

--Maintenance-free calcium technology

4.Positive pole right/ right

5.Practically light and powerful

--which the VELA batteries very versatile.

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