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Reasonable use of car battery will increase its life

Reasonable use of car battery will increase its life


       1. The battery service life can be longer if you use it in the correct habit

As we all know, car parts should need to be replaced frequently, in addition to the common ones such as oil, brake pads, and wipers, car batteries are also one of them. But unlike them, the car battery does not have an accurate limit, which is different from other car parts that should be replaced every few kilometres or a few years, because its service life is changed according to your usage habits or good usage habits. The battery service life can be used as long as 4 to 5 years, but the incorrect use will lead to a few months of service life. If you want the battery to last longer, then you need to know these precautions below!

2. How to last the battery service life?

About this question, we mainly should notice the 2 aspects for avoiding deep discharge and avoiding excessive temperature. 

2.1 Avoid deep discharge

Lead-acid battery, its structure is that the positive and negative poles are inserted in a box filled with sulfuric acid electrolyte. If the battery is deeply discharged, the electrolyte and the electrode plate will have a chemical reaction, thereby forming a large amount of lead sulfate. When the lead sulfate reaches a certain level, it will harden and become an irreversible crystal. The low conductivity of this crystal will affect the charging and capacity of the battery, so it is necessary to avoid the deep discharge of the battery. Sometimes because of forgetting to turn off the lights, or over-using electricity will lead to power loss. There is also the self-discharge of the battery, which is like a mobile phone that cannot be turned on after a period of time when the phone is turned off. This situation is the same for car batteries, and this situation is often not detected in time, and it is more likely to cause a deep loss of electricity. So even if you don't use it for a long time, try to start the car every one week or remove the battery and charge it once a month.

2.2 Avoid excessive temperature

Most car owners only know that the battery is cold-tolerant. If the temperature is too low, it will affect the battery capacity and cause difficulty in starting. But the temperature is too hot, but it is fatal to the battery. According to research records, the cycle life of lead-acid batteries will increase by 5% when the temperature is between 10°C and 35°C, and the cycle of life will increase by 1°. Because the negative electrode vulcanizes and reduces life, it is necessary to avoid the battery placed in a high-temperature weather load.

3. VELA Power can offer you a long service life battery

As long as you pay more attention to it in daily use, we believe that your battery life will be longer. At the same time, you are welcome to choose VELA brand batteries. Reg. our car battery, we use the high pure lead, adopted the high technology, and strictly testing on the production line. So we can guarantee that we can offer you a long service life. Designed to deliver supper power, good performance and high reliability, VELA batteries are the perfect solution for automotive starting, lighting and fuel ignition. 

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