Gel Battery Support

2. Discharge & cycling ability

Battery discharge capacity and cycle life are depended on the depth of discharge (DOD), and the ambient temperature.

VELA Power gel battery is designed to the "acid limited." This means that the power in the acid is used before the power in the plates. This design prevents the plates from ultra-deep discharges. Ultra-deep discharging is what causes life-shorting plates shedding and accelerates positive grid corrosion which destroy a battery.

Capacity vs. operating temperatures: shown are the changes in capacity for a wider ambient temperature range, giving the available capacity, as a percentage of the rated capacity, at different ambient temperatures, for 3 different load examples, with uninterrupted discharge to the appropriate discharge cut-off voltage.

The values for the upper edge of the curves were obtained from charging at an ambient temperature of +20℃ with a voltage limit to 2.30V/Cell. For the lower edge, charging was carried out at the specified ambient temperature. The curves show the behavior of battery after a number of cycles.

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