Characteristics of Charging

3. Charging Time

The time required to complete each charge depends on the discharge condition of battery, characteristics of charge used, or the temperature during charge. For cyclic use, using constant voltage charging, this time can be estimated by the following expression at 25oC/77oF.

(1) Discharge current: Larger than 0.25CA

Tch = Cdis/I + 3 ~5

(2) Discharge current: Less than 0.25CA

Tch = Cdis/I + 6 ~10

Tch: time required for charge (hours)

Cdis: ampere-hour discharged before

charge started(Ah)

I : initial charging current(A).

Complete charge time for float service will be slightly more than 24 hours.


Note: The minimum recharge capacity should be 1.02~1.05 times of discharge capacity

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